Tuesday, April 9, 2019
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Are cam sites live dating sites?

cam date girlThat question can be answered with YES and NO and the answer is probably somewhere in the middle. Obviously cam sites were not created for live dating in the first place, they were created for live erotic interaction via web cameras. They were basically the next logical step forward after phone sex when technology allowed it. And also dating sites evolved, from small dating programs and printed books (catalogs), to huge dating sites that are in fact huge multi million dollar companies.

Although I am not an expert when it comes to dating sites, I do know it is a huge business, and when money is at stake, in a lot of cases work ethics move slowly but certain to the background. And by that I am not saying that there are no honest dating sites out there, I know for a fact that a few of the top dating sites do not allow fake profiles and unethical methods. Unfortunately not all dating sites are like that, in fact I suspect the majority is fake, created and designed to lure males into signing up for a monthly fee. After a few months they find out the site is worthless and cancel their subscription with disappointed feelings, but the site already has gained their profit.

Webcam sites however are set up completely different. You can actually see who is online, you can see and chat with the girls in free chat on most cam sites, and that way it is almost impossible to fake a real interactive conversation. But as said before, cam sites were created as live sex sites, not as dating sites. Than why is it that cam site customers end up dating (and even marrying) their favorite cam girls??

Two reasons: the first reason is that cam girls and their customers are both human. Where humans interact -> romantic relationships will develop from time to time. Some cam girls are also looking for a better life, some cam customers looking for a hot wife. So why not take the cam relation to real life? And sometimes people just fall in love with each other, also on cam sites during webcam sex.

webcam datingThe second reason is that some webcam sites actually have a dating category. Sites like CamContacts actually have a “long term or marriage” section, where women and men from all over the world can meet, video chat and try to establish a serious relationship. CheapCamsex.com also has a “friends and romance” section with over 75 women online. In this category you shouldn’t expect hardcore live sex shows, but genuine friendly chats with real and friendly people looking for more than just online sex. But if you do not get that, you probably should not visit that section and stick with sex shows 😉

Conclusion? Webcam sites are not dating sites, but can be and are being used as dating sites, which is a positive development in my opinion. If I wanted to look for online romance, I would probably choose a webcam site (with dating section) over a dating site. I like to be sure about how and with who I spend my time and energy. Take a look at the girl I posted in the beginning of this article. That’s a real girl looking for romance at CamContacts. To avoid fakers, her video chat rate is only $0,54 for private! The rate is high enough so fakers and trolls won’t come in, but low enough for serious guys that would like to meet her. I would like to meet if, but my girlfriend will probably disagree, so I guess this one is for you guys.

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