Wednesday, December 14, 2022


FantasyNicolle is a true gem among my personal favorites list. I am not saying she is the best cam girl out there, neither is she the most kinky girl I have even seen, but I am really into her. Sometimes you just meet a girl (whether it in on online of offline gathering) that you have this special click with, chemistry so the speak. I had this click with fantasynicolle right from, the start I entered her private video chat. I guess because I also turned on my own webcam so she was able to see who was she was chatting with. We started talking, noticed we had some cool stuff in common and I was also very attracted to her. I did get the impression she found me at least a little bit interesting sinceĀ  she startedĀ  playing with her boobs without me asking it. “Isn’t she supposed to stall so she gets more minutes paid” was thew thought that crossed my mind. Of course I didn’t care and we ended up having a really fun and sexy cam session for only 99 cent a minute. I still visit FantasyNicolle on a weekly base and she has become not only a cam sex partner but a friend as well. Thanks Nicole, love you

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